Khazra Dairy

Producer of Pizza Cheeses, Milk, Powdered Whey, Sterilized

and Flavoured Milk and Dough

Variety and Freshness of Products

Khazra dairy industry has the ability to produce 4,000 tons of dairy products and has been able to produce diverse products produced abroad, by professional staff and add to the shopping cart of the families.

Milk & Flavoured Milk





Mozarella & Processed Pizza Cheese

Khazra Dairy With the goal of producing and distributing healthy products, it never limits its business scope to production, and sees support for community health, culture and art, sports, and the environment as one of its most important tasks. We have always considered our social responsibility as a leading company in business development. Special attention to the issue of community health promotion has been emphasized by the company and has always played an important role in all research, production and distribution processes.

Khazra Dairy

Provided from the finest and fresh milk, guarantees family health