Sterlized Cream and Minarine

Sterilized Cream

20% sterile cream is one of the dairy products that are made from milk fat that is made up of high levels of milk before being homogenized. In the non-homogenized milk, the fat-layer layer is formed over time over the milk. In the past, the preparation of this product required milk stacking to accumulate fatty particles on the surface of the milk, and the accumulation of them was a method of making cows, but nowadays, by centrifugation and separating the fat separator from other milk components, it separates from other parts of the milk.

Sterilized Minarine

In the case of vegetable oil in cream formulation, the product is produced in the name of herbal cream or minarin, and, of course, with a completely different requirements and characteristics. Vegetable cream is a product of high quality and high shelf life, as well as low cholesterol, which is a very good alternative to animal skins. Use this cream for breakfast, birthday cake, decorate sweets and more.

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