Sterilized Milk

Low-fat, High-fat and Half-fat Sterilized Milk

In sterilized milk with long-lasting, corrosive enzymes, as well as high-temperature microscopic organisms, die out and disappear. Because the process of producing sterile and metamorphic methods is such that it can minimize the possibility of corruption during its shelf-life.
Milk has already been recognized as one of the main sources of bone health and a source of protein and vitamins. But new research suggests that milk can play a key role in boosting memory, and those who have milk and dairy products (yogurt, cheese, Butter and Ice Cream) have higher mental capabilities.
Also, in this process, the product is packed in a spatial condition. Spectrum means filling the product in sterile packs and under sterile conditions. The presence of aluminum in the packaging of sterilized valves prevents light and oxygen from penetrating the product. Therefore, the shelf life of sterilized milk and the ability to keep it out of the refrigerator until it is opened is related to the thermal process, health conditions as well as its package type, and there is no preservative in this type of milk. In addition, high-quality raw milk is used to produce sterilized milk and UHT.

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