Mozzarella Pizza Cheese

Mozzarella Pizza Cheese (Grated and Sheet)

180g, 500g, 1kg and 5kg Packages

Milk quality as the only raw material of Mozzarella cheese has a great influence on the taste and aroma of cheese. High quality fresh milk makes cheeses tasteful and fragrant. Also, the amount of water and the amount of fat in the cheese are two important factors in determining all the properties of Mozzarella cheese, including flavor and aroma. The maximum moisture content of Mozzarella is 61% according to Iran’s standard. As the percentage of moisture decreases, the taste of the cheese increases. Cheeses with a moisture content of about 50% are cheeses of high quality.
The maximum fat content in dry matter is higher than 30% for high-fat cheeses, the higher the amount of fat, the higher the quality of the fat and the taste, fatty cheeses in dry matter more than 40% are high quality cheeses.

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