Whey Powder

Simple and Colorful Whey Powder

Whey contains more than 93% water and has about half the nutritional value of milk. Its compounds include water soluble proteins, lactose, minerals and vitamins. By evaporation of this water, different types of whey powder are obtained.
According to what the milk comes from, what type of cheese is produced and how the process changes, various categories of whey powder will be obtained. Whey powder is one of these types of powder. When making cheese, when the milk breaks and breaks, it is converted into two parts of the liquid and solid pieces. To the liquid part of that whey, they say that they often throw it away. But this whey has organic, inorganic, and many B vitamins and … which is essential for the health of everyone from child to elderly. The whey should not be confused with the blue cheese packets. The water in the packets of cheese is in fact a salt that is added to the cheese to keep it fresh and prevent it from mildew.

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