Flavoured Sterilized Milk

Chocolate Milk

Due to the fact that the use of chocolate is associated with joy and pleasure, this substance can have a major impact on the production of serotonin, dopamine and endorphins, which contribute to happiness and relaxation. It also partly prevents superficial depression.
Flavored milk, like ordinary milk, contains essential nutrients that include calcium, protein, vitamins D, A, B12, B2, B3, and potassium and phosphorus. Cocoa milk is the most popular flavored milk.
The possibility of dental caries in children who use cocoa milk as a snack because of fat, calcium and phosphorus is lower than those who use snacks such as cakes, chips, and the like.

Banana Milk

Nutrition experts believe that breast milk is a rich source of potassium and calcium. After a variety of activities, such as exercise, heavy daily work, or long-term walk, we need a tasty beverage, and Sharmouse can bring back all the energy that is lost to the body.
A 200ml bartender can be used as an evening in your work bag or sports bag, and this evening it’s a perfect promise. Our suggestion is to put some of this milk into the refrigerator in the refrigerator so you can feel it more so when you drink it.

Khazra Dairy

Provided from the finest and fresh milk, guarantees family health