Whey is a by-product of the production of cheese with casein because of its high volatility and nutrient composition is a very important part of the dairy factory. For every kilogram 2 kg of cheese is obtained from 8-8 kg of whey. The global estimate for cheese production is around 190 million tonnes per year, of which only 50% of the process is processed. Despite the fact that whey can be considered for use in the food and medicine industry due to its great applications in the food and medicine industry, it is sometimes considered as a wastewater plant of dairy factories, due to its high organic load, which will have many problems. Therefore, it was necessary to adopt appropriate methods for the recycling of this substance and to take necessary measures in this regard, such as the production of whey powder and the production of whey protein concentrate using a variety of membrane filters and Solubility reduction and protein purification methods are used to achieve a variety of whey powder with a different percentage of salts, lipids and especially proteins (35, 60, 80 and 90% protein). Whey contains 20% total protein and the highest amount of mineral and water-soluble vitamins in the water. It is also due to the high biological value of whey protein in comparison with egg and meat, soya, casein and fish proteins and content Essential amino acids and its high levels of egg and cholesterol, as well as meat and soy are of particular importance in consuming baby food, dietary dietary intake by athletes. In addition to the nutritional properties of whey, it also has many properties. Therefore, it is possible to use various types of this product in the consumption of meat products, soups, bakery products, confectionary products, sweets and chocolates, various drinks, and Forms of dairy products, for example, the production of cheeses, imitation cheeses, and so on. Therefore, in order to achieve any of the properties in the product, it is necessary to use concentrate or whey powder with a different percentage of solute, fat and especially protein, which will be obtained using different processing methods.