Processed Pizza Cheese

Processed Pizza Cheese (Grated and Sheet)

180g, 500g, 1kg and 5kg Packages

Pizza cheese, a kind of mozzarella cheese that has a high fat and moisture content. For this reason, its level of corruption is too high, and in order to prevent its deterioration, it must be kept in freezer and freeze before the end of its consumption date.
The pulling and elastic properties are one of the special characteristics of these types of cheeses. Pizza cheese is an intermediate or intermediate product; it can not be consumed alone with bread. Intermediate products should be combined with other foods. Since such cheeses are used to make pizza, many are called pizza cheeses, while these cheeses can be used to prepare other foods such as lasagna or pasta, and so on. Meanwhile, pizza cheese also has a melting effect and thus can make the ingredients used in making foods like pizza together. Usually the flavor of this fatty cheese improves the taste of the final food, and it’s a good taste for many people who are eager to take pizza cheese.

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