The association of milk and dairy consumption with cognitive function

Understanding of mental processes involves attention, concentration, memory, judgment and reasoning. Better cognitive performance in children is associated with better academic achievement and is associated with better job performance and better quality of life in adulthood and middle ages. Almost all adults experience some degree of cognitive impairment with age. Considering the importance of cognitive function and its relation with academic and professional abilities and quality of life, identification of factors associated with cognition and risk factors that lead to impairment in bone function is important. Based on the available evidence, environmental factors including nutrition and diet and genetics are [...]

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Methods of processing powdered whey

Whey is a by-product of the production of cheese with casein because of its high volatility and nutrient composition is a very important part of the dairy factory. For every kilogram 2 kg of cheese is obtained from 8-8 kg of whey. The global estimate for cheese production is around 190 million tonnes per year, of which only 50% of the process is processed. Despite the fact that whey can be considered for use in the food and medicine industry due to its great applications in the food and medicine industry, it is sometimes considered as a wastewater plant of [...]

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